Superlight integrated carbon handlebar

Superlight integrated carbon handlebar

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Riders often long for a simpler, cleaner and a more uncomprimised approach to mountain biking. Things that are unnecessarily complicated or cluttered should be simplified, or simply left out.


There is no better way to declutter the front end of your bike than to get rid of the traditional stem/ handlebar combination and to combine them instead. Not only does it give your bicycle a gorgeously clean look, but your bike will be guaranteed to be lighter, even if you are currently running with the top of the range traditional carbon stem/ handlebar combos.


Simplify your look with this integrated handlebar, and reap the benefits of its featherlight weight and uncomprimised handling.




Weight: 275g

Length: 720mm

Stem length: 90mm

Diameter: 28.6 mm

Stem angle: -9/+9 degrees (flippable)